How It works

Student Dashboard

WellBalanced is an entire system, designed to give you, your child, and your child's tutor a comprehensive overview of their educational needs and ability, and the tools to empower them to make optimal progress to achieve their full potential.


It can be used for individual students or to keep track of groups of students, giving a clear overview for each individual.



Take an Individual Diagnostic Assessment

For each subject area, we have created a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to ensure we get as clear an idea possible of your child's educational needs. This can then be re-taken at regular interviews to give you an idea of how well your child is progressing.


Get a Breakdown of Strengths and Areas for Improvement

Following the assessment, you get a granular breakdown of results showing how your child is doing against the criteria set out for each subject following common core state standards. Progress towards each goal is indicated with the grade level to which your child currently performs in that area.


See Your Personalized Learning Roadmap

These results allow you to clearly see very precise areas where we can help your child improve. Based on these, we set out a learning roadmap individual to each student, defining areas for more immediate help in addition to those needing improvement.

Get trial tutoring sessions


Schedule Trial Sessions

Tutors have a clear overview of each student's individual needs. We provide them with tools and resources customiszed to fit your child's learning plan, including advice on different approaches to explaining and practicing different concepts.


Study and Practice Independently at Your Own Pace

Students can search for any material they need, and have access to audio transcriptions from their tutoring sessions, given them a sense of ownership over their own learning. Importantly, they can study independently at their own pace.