Personalized Education through Individualized Diagnostic and Specialist Tutors


We know how it feels when you want to help your child with their education, but it's hard to even know where to begin.


That's why we've built a complete system that allows us to put together a Math and Reading Learning Plan specific to your child, using diagnostic assessment, personalized resources, and excellent tutoring to boost their education!

Every Student is Unique

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Highly personalized to your child

With big classes both online and in person, it's tough for teachers to know exactly what your child's educational needs are. Our system allows you to see exactly this on an individual level.

Focus Exactly Where Focus Is Needed

In school following a set curriculum, your child may not be able to spend the time they need on different areas. With our reporting, we can see exactly which areas to spend time on with your children – at their own pace.


Optimal Progress with Excellent Resources

Students learn differently, and it's hard for them to access exactly what they need in an impersonal group class setting. We provide resources for tutors specific to your child to help them learn the best way for them.

Our All-Encompassing Approach


Take a Diagnostic Assessment

We break down targets for each subject in line with common core state standards and provide an indication of the current grade level to which your child fulfils each.

Learn about Your Child's Specific Needs

Based on the results, you can then see exactly where your child's strengths lie in addition to where they can improve, providing a plan and resources to help them progress together with their tutor.


Understand Their Progress

You'll receive weekly progress reports allowing you to see exactly how your child is progressing. This allows us to target specific areas for improvement, and importantly, reward excellent progress.

Be a Part of Their Success

The joy of being involved in your child's education can only be surpassed by the success they achieve

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What parents say about Balance


Mohan G.

Engineering Leader @ Uber and Facebook

Balance and Rohit have been extremely supportive and great partners for us. From the very beginning, Rohit and his team set up a few consultations with us and our child to come up with a customized learning roadmap. Given the amazing experience we had, we decided to enroll our second child. Before signing up the tutors for our children, Rohit also setup a time for us to meet with the tutors to see if they would be good fit for our kids. We have the ability to view the recording of the teaching sessions to monitor the progress. Overall, we love the program that Balance put together for our children - and our children love it too!


Jing C.

Chief - Gynecologic Oncology @ Stanford

My daughter wanted to learn on her own, so my priority when she asked for a teacher, was that she continued to have fun. Rohit responded right away and had her set up with 3 teachers to try within the following few days.  The 45 min trial lessons with 3 teachers were helpful for her to decide which style of teaching she enjoyed the most. She was able to choose her lesson schedules, and adjust as needed when the school year started.  She has enjoyed her lessons with Yasaman for 2 months now, and they are going strong. She gets to practice during their lesson and is given homework to reinforce in between. I wouldn't hesitate to try any other Balance tutors for other subjects if needed.  I've also recommended Balance to our close friends. 


Rucha S.

Manager - Software Dev @ Workday

We are using Balance tutoring services for my daughter. She used to take Math classes in a larger setting but being the shy one, she never felt comfortable asking questions. In a 1:1 setting with her tutor, she enjoys the classes and is more open to venturing outside her comfort zones. Balance has been super helpful from the beginning and lets us try the tutors to find a match for my daughter's learning style and the tutors know exactly how to get the shy ones involved and own their education. They even have a placement diagnostic that pinpoints where the student stands and create a starting point for the next steps in their education. I would not hesitate to recommend Balance to anyone



- Rohit Gandhe, Father of Eva and Meera

Education is a blackbox for parents. Both me and my wife were frustrated how little we were involved and how helpless we were to help my kids in a meaningful way.

We wanted to help, but didn't know where to start. Do the kids have the elementary foundation to transition to Middle School? Are the middle school graduates ready for High School? Nobody could tell us where the gaps are?  

So I built a system that could track a student's progress from elementary school through high school. A system that pinpoints the gaps in a child's education and provides instructions to educators to help her. It provides topical help when needed and a 3 year learning roadmap so that parents can sleep at night knowing there is a plan in place and they will be involved in their child's success